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So ummmm, it’s not you it’s me….

I don’t think I will be on Tumblr much. IM NOT SURE, but I dont think so. Tumblr is a great site, and I ADORE, all of my followers and stuff BUT tumblr is something that for me takes a lot of time, because I get friggin SUCKED IN and I like to write stuff and not just reblog. With homework and afterschool activities im not so sure I will have time for tumblr unlike sites like Twitter (the other woman, for lack of a better phrase) it’s just so quick. Its < 140 characters and its just really short and sweet. I am sooooorrrry. Again its not like I’m deleting my tumblrr and like (JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He just made a bucket and KIRK A STEEEALLLL RIPPPPPPPPPP!!!! MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MASKED MAN AGAIN!) Sorry I got distracted. But as I was saying Im not going to DELETE my Tumblr. I just have to figure out how to manage my time. The thing is I really do like Tumblr…nothing is final yet, just gotta manage my time. ANOTHER ONE DAYYYYUUUM CAPTAIN KIRK. Yeah. Sorry.

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